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Grow Strong

If you recognise the need to stand apart from everyone else in order to grow strong, contact our Managing Partner, Lorraine Jeckells, and let’s talk about how we can help.

+44 20 7787 3001

Lorraine Jeckells

Managing Partner


Lorraine is responsible for managing our business, so when it comes to your business objectives, she really gets it. And she ensures that everyone working on the project gets it too. With 20 years working within the financial services and agency worlds, Lorraine understands the direct line between marketing and commercial results. Her experience in ensuring our projects run to brief, to schedule and to budget has created long standing, partnerships with our clients.

Some believe there are two Lorraines, dressing identically and carefully orchestrating their shifts so nobody notices. There is no other credible explanation for her perpetual energy. Or maybe it’s the kale smoothies.