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If you recognise the need to stand apart from everyone else in order to grow strong, contact our Managing Partner, Lorraine Jeckells, and let’s talk about how we can help.

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Build your living brand

A living brand is a brand people can believe in. They believe in it because it is an authentic, clear articulation and visualisation of who you really are. And a match for what’s important to them.

A living brand captures your back story, your values, your purpose, mission and vision. It’s a belief system – that is embedded in the hearts and minds of your people.

With a living brand, it’s not so much that your business has a brand. It’s more like you have a brand that has a business.

When you allow your brand to direct the business, decision making becomes simpler, aligning people becomes easier, and business moves faster.

A living brand reaches your people first, rippling right through your organisation and out to the people they interact with in the marketplace.

> Discover the 10 steps to creating a living brand.

As part of creating a living brand for Pioneer we redesigned their reception as a private member’s club, complete with a lounge style meeting area and a host serving snacks and refreshments. The change of environment, which supported the entrepreneurial essence of the brand, resulted in on-site broker meetings going from 16 per month to over 400.

Two weeks to brand clarity

Meet Carl Jung. His work on archetypes is useful to lock down your brand’s character, something we do in our first workshop.

Our proven strategic process will give you a new perspective on what you offer. Within two weeks you will have your:

  • back story, archetype, purpose, vision, mission,  values, and messaging

To ensure your offer gains traction in the market, we also help you develop your:

  • differentiated value proposition
  • 20 second ‘elevator’ pitch that enables everyone in your business to sell

When you know who you are and why you exist strategic decisions become easy

This is the anatomy of the Free Partners brand. It’s our true north, guiding everything we do. From the services we offer to the operations behind them to the team delivering them. Aligning business actions as well as individual behaviours to the anatomy ensures an authentic expression of the brand, and delivers the intended value to employees, customers and shareholders.

To understand more about the difference between a purpose, a mission and a vision see our guide to building a living brand that people will believe in.

Creating a differentiated value proposition

This is the output from a value proposition workshop we did for ourselves. Identifying and articulating the things that make your offer different is crucial if you want to have something different to say. Our value proposition workshop takes you through the process of defining the hierarchy of your messaging, so you’re leading with a distinctive point of difference. These are your augmentations.

The 20 Second Pitch

This is the format we use to craft your so-called ‘elevator’ pitch. The name comes from the old Hollywood studio days where a script writer might find himself in a lift with an executive producer and would only have seconds to convince him to make the film. Here it has been adapted for the business world.

We are a brand, marketing and business development agency.

We work with ambitious organisations

who have a problem articulating why they’re different, making organic growth a challenge.

What we do is build living brands and boost pipeline performance.

so that they stand out in the market place.

Which means they grow strong.

Distilling it all down into a quick, powerful intro means everyone in your business can tell anyone outside your business who you are, what you do, and why you do it in a way that opens up a sales conversation.

What are you interested in?

Tell us your priority and let us see if we can help.

Winner Marketing and PR team of the Year at the Reactions 2019 London Market Awards.