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The edge of the cliff is the only place to be.

If you’ve ever had an agency present ideas to you, you’ll know the routine.
Three concepts – the safe one, the one that’s got a bit of edge, and the one that’s gone too far.
Not really much of choice at all in fact.

We like to think of it from your audience’s point of view.
They’re down there on the beach minding their own business.

High above them, back from the edge of the cliff is the safe concept, completely invisible to your audience.

Then there’s the idea that’s gone too far.
It will undoubtedly be seen by your audience, but it’s brash, and it’s longevity is doubtful.

But the idea that’s got a bit of edge walks along the cliff edge.
This is the one that both captures and holds the audience’s attention.

Most creative briefs are given to a creative team. That team, while working on the brief will typically come up with the three sorts of ideas we’ve talked about. So they’ll present them.

But really… they know, and the agency knows, and the client knows that there’s only one idea in there that’s right for the brief.

At Free Partners we do things differently.
We ask you up front how many ideas you want.
If you want two ideas, we’ll put two creative teams on the job.
If you want three ideas, we’ll brief three teams.

Each will invariably come up with the safe one and also the one that’s gone too far, and of course we’re happy to share those with you, but we won’t pass them off as ideas that will work for you.

Only the one that walks along the edge of the cliff will do that.

Grow strong.

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