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If you recognise the need to stand apart from everyone else in order to grow strong, contact our Managing Partner, Lorraine Jeckells, and let’s talk about how we can help.

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Are you looking for exceptional growth?

For ambitious insurance businesses that want to outperform the competition and become a remarkable success story.

Be clear

Be bold

Be exceptional

So what’s holding you back?

A lot of our clients start out with the same problem – people don’t have a good reason to choose them over everyone else. It’s really frustrating when you’re a great business and you’re not getting the market recognition and growth you deserve.

Break away from business as usual

Create brilliant messaging.

Build an inspired team.

Drive business development.

Discover the five reasons your messaging isn’t working. And how fix it so it does.

It’s frustrating when the messaging you put out there doesn’t work. In this 19 page pdf we point out the five things that are responsible when your words just aren’t hitting the mark. And more importantly we give you guidance on how to fix them.


The three-step plan

1 Differentiate your brand
2 Communicate with impact
3 Drive business development

Many businesses in the insurance sector struggle to be the clear choice in the market. We created the Stand Out Grow Strong plan so they can start achieving exceptional growth.

At Free Partners we know that you want your business to be a remarkable success story. In order to do that, you need exceptional growth in the insurance marketplace.

The problem is people don’t have a clear reason to choose you over everyone else, which is frustrating because you know you have something special. We get it.

We believe that great businesses deserve great success, which is why our award winning team has spent 20-years developing a methodology for success.

Here’s how we do it

1 We help you differentiate your brand and messaging.
2 We help you communicate in ways that inspire your team and motivate the market.
3 We help you accelerate your business development so that you grow organically.

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