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How to do brand marketing with no budget

How to do brand marketing with no budget

Do you have a documented strategic marketing plan and a budget for promoting your business to the wider world? If not you may already be doing brand marketing with no budget. It’s just that it’s probably not that effective.

Because every time someone comes into contact with your business a perception of your brand is formed or reinforced. From how your website looks to how powerfully your content articulates your offer, to the styling of your PowerPoint slides.

Everything – absolutely everything (right down to how your business cards feel in the hand) – reflects on you. But sorting it all out yourself can be a challenge. However, that’s not to say that you can’t start somewhere with your brand marketing, even if you have no budget.

Can you get do effective brand marketing without investing?

Yes, but it will cost you in time, and you’ll need to get the strategy right. A well planned blogging programme where you write interesting articles about your specialist subject is a great first step to raising awareness on social media, building your authority in the market and climbing the rankings in Google’s search results.

According to HubSpot B2B marketers who use blogs receive 67% more leads than those who do not, and marketers who have prioritised blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI

The numbers are in

We ran a four month blogging programme for a client. For them awareness of their brand was the main priority. We help a planning session where we sketched out the blog topics that would answer the pains and priorities of their intended audience. Together we wrote a new blog every two weeks, and published them on LinkedIn. These were the results:

  • 30% increase in LinkedIn followers
  • 25% increase in traffic to their website during blogging weeks
  • 10.5x increase in traffic from social media from the highest performing blog
  • Time spent on their website increased to 5.5 minutes

By analysing the results of the blogging programme you will gain a better understanding of what your audience wants to know more about. And that helps you plan out the next set of topics. More awareness, more engagement, more dialogue. It’s a virtuous circle that helps drive business development.

If you need help getting started, get in touch for a free discovery session. We’ll help understand what’s involved in creating a successful brand, and what you should focus your resources on.

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