Outstanding brands, stand out campaigns.
Outstanding brands, stand out campaigns.

TIH Rebrand

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An outlier enters a new era

TIH was different from its inception over 100 years ago. Until this rebrand, the business – then known as Truist Insurance Holdings – was owned by a bank. This put it in a heavily regulated environment requiring more checks and processes, something none its peers had to deal with.

But it was an outlier in another way too. As a result of forever competing on an unlevel playing field, they had become incredibly good at making the most of every opportunity.

That was the story we picked up on and which formed the basis of the TIH rebrand as it became an independent business for the first time in its existence.


A vision, mission and values to inspire growth

As a holding company, TIH doesn’t transact any business. Instead, their role is to create a financially secure platform for growth for its operating companies.

We helped them redefine and simplify their values as their recipe for their success – pursue growth, add value, be straight up.

We helped them articulate their vision – to be the company that attracts and inspires the world’s most talented insurance professionals.

Finally, we helped them focus in on the one thing everyone in the business should be focused on, their mission – to give our people and businesses the scope, resources and support they need to be the best they can be.


An identity built on the past, but made for the future

By taking the initials of the original holding company, we built on the brand’s rich heritage and created a fresh identity with a premium look and feel.

The upward slant of the lettering in the new logo, gives the brand an optimistic, growth-focused energy with the white logotype providing clarity and the red tittle injecting energy.

Black and white photography and data-inspired graphics extend this thinking and allow the design work to flex across multiple touchpoints, including the new website, letterheads, business cards, PowerPoint templates, email signatures and social media assets.

A big launch, Vegas style

The new brand was unveiled to an internal audience of thousands in Las Vegas. The launch video we created told a story of potential unleashed, a story of opportunity, the TIH story.

“Love it. There’s a real feeling of unity now and a big vision for everyone to get behind.”

“Really like the new logo. It’s strong, clean and crisp. Exciting times ahead”

“Really proud to be part of this team. There’ll be no stopping us now.”

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