Outstanding brands, stand out campaigns.
Outstanding brands, stand out campaigns.

IMCA gets facelift
on 100th Birthday

A rebrand for the Insurance Marketing & Communication’s Association

Project details
"Very well done you guys across The Pond! It's a new day for IMCA... BOOM!"
Peter van Aartrijk, IMCA

Matching the outside with the inside

The Insurance Marketing & Communication’s Association (IMCA) was about to hit a big milestone in 2023. The brand was turning 100. And the team needed to make a statement as they took the brand into its next century.

Peter van Aartrijk – IMCA board member and established brand strategist – had already articulated a new mission, vision and set of core values for the brand: creative, dedicated, collaborative, respectful, and passionate.

So they knew what the brand stood for on the inside, but needed everything on the outside to deliver the same promise.

A bold new look for a bold new vision

The IMCA helps insurance marketers on their path to success. Elevating their role in the industry and helping them develop in the world of insurance marketing through networking, thought leadership and education. The IMCA is their guide.

With this in mind, we modernised their logo and created a unique brandmark to represent a compass – the ‘IMCA compass’. This becomes the symbol of the association, empowering all of their members to find their true north.

We established a new dynamic identity system that allows the brand to work more effectively in modern environments across print and digital. We then reinforced how IMCA galvanises their members with the tagline ‘Reach further’.

The new identity gives them the tools to kick start the next 100 years and confidently go after their bold new vision – a future where insurance marketing and communications professionals sit at every table where strategic business decisions are made.

Igniting the next IMCA era

We flew out to Nashville for the big reveal at their annual conference, IMCA ignite. And we were blown away by the feedback:

“Absolutely amazing.”
Hadie Mulvey
Executive Vice Chair at IMCA

“Amazing work, I can’t wait for the big rollout!”
Sarah Marshall
SVP Marketing at CFC Group

“Thanks so much for your partnership! Very excited about the positive impact of the new visual identity. Well done!”
Natasha Ashe-Suber
VP, Global Head of Marketing at SCOR


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