Outstanding brands, stand out campaigns.
Outstanding brands, stand out campaigns.

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A LinkedIn engagement rate four times the industry average.

Project details
"It’s great to see a campaign deliver this kind of impact. We couldn’t have asked for a better result for the client. Well done team!"
Guy Cornet, Creative Director, FREE

The campaign: freshen up the broker experience

Spring – an MGA for financial institutions and commercial businesses – wanted to grow their broker network. Having brought in an ex-broker to lead the business, they knew all about the pain points that can sometimes come from working with MGAs. So we created a campaign that leaned into them.

We came up with the campaign line ‘The Spring Effect’. It allowed us to position Spring as the answer to all those broker woes, and the MGA that could freshen up their underwriting experience.

To get the Spring brand in the brains of the people that mattered, we targeted key brokers on LinkedIn in the build-up to BIBA, building positive brand associations before the team got to the event.

The competition: make the experience more memorable

To increase engagement, we ran three competitions aligned to the three ways Spring freshens up the underwriting experience. So a lap around Silverstone for faster service. A hot air balloon ride for higher limits. And a bungee jump for flexible underwriting. Not only did it give people three more excuses to drop in on Spring’s stand, but it also made those promises more tangible and more likely to stick with them.

The desired Spring Effect

After the BIBA dust settled, we ran the numbers. And the campaign performed way above industry standards.

LinkedIn engagement rate averaged out at 13% – the industry average is 3%. Time spent on the campaign landing page was over three times the B2B average. And the team walked away from BIBA with over 400 leads. Job done.

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