Outstanding brands, stand out campaigns.
Outstanding brands, stand out campaigns.


Becoming the go to insurance broking brand

Project details
"Free Partners have consistently exceeded our expectations and are a true delight to deal with. Brimming with expertise and experience they have been integral to the success of our rebrand. To say we are impressed is an understatement."

SSL and Endeavour were acquired by J C Flowers in 2018. Their combined resources presented an opportunity to scale. But the two businesses had quite different specialisms and cultures. Rather than one trumping the other they came together to imagine a united future. Early in 2020 we set to work to help them differentiate their new Oneglobal brand.

A brand that promises the best of both worlds

By working through our brand and value proposition process we articulated Oneglobal’s role as giving insureds the best of both worlds – local expertise and advice together with access to global markets. The mission we helped them define, to reinvigorate the broking process, helped to centre everyone in the business on the experience of the end client. We brought it to life through the line, “Broking that revolves around you.”

An identity that reinforces the brand

We created a visual identity that represents both the zoomed-out, macro view of the world together with the zoomed-in, micro detail that the local expertise brings. Next we wrote, designed and built their website, ready for launch.

A campaign that keeps awareness ticking up

Our PR and social media team, using the same brand narrative, prepped all the announcements to ensure an immediate impact on launch day.

Since then we’ve been continuing to help build the Oneglobal brand globally, delivering a comprehensive media campaign and creating thought leadership content that is generating significant media engagement and awareness via LinkedIn.

The campaign’s reach has resulted in Oneglobal establishing a strong presence on the world’s insurance stage.

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