Outstanding brands, stand out campaigns.
Outstanding brands, stand out campaigns.


An ambitious company that needed a strong name and identity to launch them into a new market.

Project details

When your name says the wrong things, change it.

The brand formerly known as HealthyHealth had a problem, namely, their name. Rather than helping people understand their business, it misdirected them, creating an awareness hurdle. Too much energy was going into getting people over that hurdle, and not enough into explaining their proposition. The HealthyHealth name failed to differentiate them, was confusing their audience and undermining their pioneering work.

What people thought when they heard HealthyHealth was fitness app, gym, diet or some other lifestyle related things. Whereas what they actually do is use data from wearables like smart watches and fitness trackers to predict long term health and morbidity outcomes so that health and life insurers can approve applicants more quickly, improve conversion and, over time, their underwriting models.

So, they needed a new name. Something simple and unique that could carry their narrative and travel around the world without translation issues.

Our naming process is fast and effective and led us to a clear winner, Qumata.


Qumata means qualifying human data

As a name, Qumata is sufficiently abstract that it doesn’t set up false expectations or lock the brand into only doing what it does today. And it enables their team to point the conversation in the right direction when someone asks, “Why are you called that?” – a question many new brands face.

With the name agreed, it was time to bring it to life with a new logo.


Telling the story through design

The logo brings together the human and data elements. The rounded, sans-serif open typeface all in lowercase signals honesty and accessibility. It is punctuated with three squared off dots, signifying the key data points that tell the story of the people they relate to.

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